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PC Parts and Service handles it all when it comes to your computer needs.​

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Enjoy working on all types of computers, and for over the years still find them fascinating. Received Comp A+ Certification in 2010 to provide you my credentials of knowing the best and latest technologies used in our computers today. This in combination with my years of experience as a leader and trainer in customer service gives you the five star treatment when it comes to your PC needs.

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All Repairs & New Custom Builds handled in one place!

Our entire store is equipped with two utility inline surge protectors. Additionally, each tech work station installed with a surge and battery backup outlets for our customer's protection during possible surges, brown-out, and black-out events. Your system is always safe with us.

Decades of combined experience.
Commitment to the small details.
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Monday to Friday : 10 AM to 4 PM

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

Appointment for drop off & pickup available.

We use Pc-Check® for all diagnostics of hardware components. Pc-Check® is a fast, accurate diagnostic tool from Eurosoft that enables us to check completely the configurations and reliable operations of IBM-AT-compatible PCs. Pc-Check® is extremely useful to manufacturers and repairers of PCs, informing all user levels of the architecture and operational reliability of PC hardware component and indicating those areas that fail to respond perfectly.

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