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Realtime Protection Software Comparison…

Do you know how effective your antivirus programs is?

A variety of organizations regularly compare antivirus programs, throwing a large amount of malware samples at them, seeing how they perform, and ranking them in comparison to each other. It would be very time-consuming to test 30 different antivirus programs in virtual machines with a large amount of malware samples yourself, which is why these test results are so useful.

PC Parts and Service is a distributor of AVG products. Let us not only assist in purchasing your AVG license(s) we can install and configure the settings to provide maximum Anti-Virus protection to your system(s). Installation and configuration can also be handled remotely (internet connection required). Multiple system licenses and 1 to 3-year subscriptions available.

Virus Removal
Viruses have become more and more complex and sophisticated and are beginning to win the war in the struggle to keep our machines clear of infections. So what do you do when you can’t remove a virus? You can certainly reformat and reinstall the operating system. While that is the preferred method when dealing with a massive virus infection it’s not an option for everyone. The following may help you remove a stubborn virus if you cannot get rid of it with traditional means. Acting quickly will help you fight a virus. The longer you wait, the more your machine can become compromised and locked down to the point where you can’t even work. If you have a machine that has a virus, you should not keep it plugged into a working Internet connection unless you are attempting to download removal tools, as the virus will take that opportunity to download more viruses and update itself to counter anything you try to do.

Security & Routine Maintenance
Protecting your computer's data, software, and hardware, are high priorities to us. During my service you will be advised on the best ways to protect, secure, and maintain your computer.